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So here I am. This is me here above, and if you have reached this point it's probably because you have either hired me, or are thinking to do so, or maybe you're like me and you're just dead curious about people. 

Anyway, first things first. If you you've liked what you've seen on my website and portfolio and have decided to invest in me, you might want to know what is going to happen. Not all photographers do the same things, not all of them love what they do, and most of all, we all do it in different ways. I have one thing only on my mind when it comes to working with my clients, and it's "I want to enjoy your photoshoot as much as you do!". This means I will go all the way to give you the best possible time.

So if I'm going to be your photographer, for portraits or birthdays, then don't expect me to come along, line you up against a wall and tell you to pose this or that way, because if that is what you're expecting and wanting then you might find an array of amazing photographers out there that are specialised in lining you up against a wall for a shooting.

If you got kids, I'm gonna play with them, even before I actually get hold of my camera. Why? Because I'm going to take candid pictures of them, and I want everyone to be relaxed. Kids and pets are a real challenge. They both show off or get very camera shy and my aim is for them to play with the camera. Play with me. Play with you. This is why I like being around a little longer than normal photographers do. We're just going to have a great time together and as a natural result of that great time, you'll have some great photos to treasure for the future.

If your story is an EVENT, whether private, corporate or public, I'm the discreet fly on the wall. I'll be hovering around the place taking photos of what's happening, of people's faces, what they are doing, of the catering, of the dancing, the mood, the smiley happy grins, the partying, the talking, the speeches, everything that makes a dinner, a party a meeting interesting to be remembered or told through my reportage photography storytelling. Either high street manager of a massive corporate or a family reunion. 


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