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How you present your product is key. Whether it be a nice comfortable pair of trainers, or nice tasty cake, you want your future customer to be engaged to your product immediately. You want him to feel those trainers on him, and feel comfortable just looking at them, or drool over that cake you know is unique and make her feel that taste in her mouth already.

Your goal here is to help potential users, clients and buyers understand and get excited about what you have to offer them. A smart, professional product image will help to ensure that nobody walks away from your product or services. Or walks away at all. 



Prices for product photography (with no models involved) range from £5 to £10 per image depending on the complexity of the images. Once the shoot is complete the images are uploaded to your personal gallery protected by password in 24-72 hours. Once you are happy with the images and the invoice is settled then the samples are returned to client and all images will be downloadable from gallery. Simple editing is included. Cut-out or additional retouching is extra and is priced £20 per item. On location photography is possible with time and travel expenses applied. Discounts on large number of items is available. Food photography is priced hourly or daily. £300 half day or £500 full day. All editing and retouching is included.

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