Choosing photography to beat the spread

In the world we are living in now, these unprecedented times (I can't believe I've actually used the word "unprecedented"!) have forced us to be home longer, with much more time on our hands and in many cases, not really knowing what to do with it all. 

Our category, like many others has been hit hard, as most of us like me, work with people. And now that weddings and events have been cancelled, that family shoots have been postponed to future dates, the question was...and now?

So, after thinking how I could help in all this, I thought I would use my experience as a photographer, and my love for animals to share some of my knowledge with you on pet photography.

I can just imagine many of you having a pet and having all of a sudden more time to spend with them, so why not do it with fun and creativity.

Every Wednesday at 7.30pm (UK time), I'll be doing an online  photo critique webinar for anyone interested in joining.

Join here:

If required the password is: 19721972

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I really hope to see you all at my events.

Keep safe.

With joy and respect.